Doreen Lecheler leadership coach

Doreen Lecheler

Maximizing Personal Growth, Influential Leadership Behaviors, and Cultures of Continuous Improvement

Doreen is a capacity-builder, goal-setting expert, international speaker, and best-selling author. Best of all, she’s an “incurable” cancer conqueror who gets to live her passion and purpose - growing people and transforming cultures. Whether working with leaders of a nation, community, organization or team, Doreen's work turns meaningful potential into measurable performance by unfolding the process for how to manage your mind.

Doreen began her career in the mid-1980s, helping to progress several start-up nonprofits into regionally, nationally, and internationally recognized organizations. She held senior leadership positions overseeing growth in program development, business development, and organizational advancement.

Since 2000, Doreen has consulted in business, government, education, nonprofits, and athletics, using researched-based tools and techniques for transformation and sustainable goal achievement. Doreen has facilitated high-performance results in the areas of building cultures of excellence, leadership, and team development, change management, employee engagement, goal setting, and vision building. She is a certified speaker for the CEO group, Vistage International.

Doreen has authored two books on personal and professional development. Growing from Potential to Performance and The Influence Zone: Leadership Intelligence that Ignites Results each provide 30-days of inspiration, learning lessons, and reflection activities designed to upgrade the level of thinking, behavior, and meaningful, measurable results.

Doreen’s ability to guide outstanding personal achievement never became more critical than in 2009 with a cancer recurrence staged as “incurable” with metastases to the bone. Aligning life-producing principles of body, mind, and spirit, Doreen experienced miraculous healing with no metastatic evidence of cancer. She fervently shares her cancer-conquering strategies to help others overcome challenges and roadblocks that inhibit well-being and success. She is the author of two books on faith and healing. Her last work, The Mind to Heal, was an immediate Amazon inspirational bestseller. She is also the creator of the spiritual growth program, Destiny Living: Receiving God’s Heart for Your Purpose-Filled Potential.

Doreen has been a Senior Consultant with The Pacific Institute and Excellent Cultures. She holds a degree in Business from the University of Maryland and a master’s degree in Theology/Counseling from Wesley Theological Seminary.

Client Testimonials

"I have been in business for 25 years and decide to try some business coaching. Since coaching, my business sales have tripled compared to the year before. I highly recommend this service; it turned my business around and also gave me strength in my personal life."
- J. B. President
Wicks Educational

"Working with Doreen Lecheler of Vision Linked, I have embarked on a journey to find my purpose in life once again.  She had some great tools that we used like the Life Styles Circumplex and the Spiritual Gifts Assessment.  She used her skills and knowledge to draw out of me what really makes me happy."

— John H. Gilliland, CEO
Investment Real Estate Group of Companies

"Doreen brought her high level of positive energy, introspective thought and dynamic teaching into our leadership retreat.  She was exactly what the leaders of our large organization (31,000+ members) of forward thinkers needed.  She made us all really examine the way we think, attack issues and move forward not just in business but in our daily lives.  Her methods were easy to follow and provided us with daily tools that we could incorporate in our lives to make us better people as well as sharpen our business acumen.  The 30 day follow up video program helped drive home the concepts, and I was inundated with positive feedback and thanks for having Doreen share her program with us.  I feel that our leadership team and I are better for having participated in her program."

— Todd Polinchock, ABR, E-Pro, GREEN

2016  President, Pennsylvania Association of Realtors

2010  Bucks County Realtor of the Year

"Doreen is awesome. I have hired her and recommended her to several peers. Her last program at our leadership conference was very impactful. Most speakers come in, drop their knowledge on the attendees and, if you are lucky, leave the group feeling good about themselves. By the next day, they have forgotten most of what was learned the day before. With Doreen, her 30 day video follow-up was a difference maker. I was skeptical at first that attendees would not follow-up and watch the videos, but I was wrong….Doreen was with us for three hours and then followed up every day for 30 days. It is amazing how much greater impact that has."

— Dave Phillips, CAE, RCE

Chief Executive Officer, Pennsylvania Association of Realtors®