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Organizational leaders across the country have used Doreen to upgrade the level of thinking, performance, and leadership styles among their associates.


Vistage International Retreat


PA Assoc of Realtors, Leadership Conference


Women’s Conference Keynote

Topics Have Included:

FROM POTENTIAL TO PERFORMANCE: Harnessing the Power of Your Mind© – High performers have one thing in common – they are effective at accessing and utilizing their unlimited potential. Understand the foundational principles for managing your mind. Gain personal, professional, and organizational insights into the obstacles and opportunities for growth, change, and continuous improvement.

LEGENDARY LEADERSHIP© – Legendary Leaders have the ability to transcend the differences that distinguish and divide us and connect us at a common core. Learn the 3 M’s of transformational leadership that motivate excellence, accountability, and passion in people. Discover the fundamentals of the Leadership Mindset that influence and impact others toward purposeful engagement.

HOW TO IGNITE A HIGH PERFORMANCE CULTURE – “Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast” – Peter Drucker. Learn why organizations who focus on culture out-perform those who don’t, every time. See what behavioral styles either propel or limit performance.

GOING FOR THE GOAL© – Harvard Business School reports that nearly 70% of change initiatives fail to deliver or sustain expected outcomes. Change is inevitable; successful change is not. In this highly interactive seminar, participants build their personal/professional 4-Level Performance Pyramid to support and sustain internal motivation for lasting results. They develop peak performance goal-setting skills while learning the mechanics of change in order to master the dynamics of change.

OVERCOMING BARRIERS to PEAK PERFORMANCE© – We want our lives and organizations to soar to new levels of performance. We’re built with continuous improvement within the DNA of our hearts. So what are the barriers that get in the way? How do we overcome them and inspire others to do the same? That’s the role, the goal, and the challenge of a Leader. Identify the barriers to change and begin to manage the obstacles that have been managing you.

LIVING IN ALIGNMENT: Steps for Building a Better Future© – This workshop was originally custom-created for Vistage International as a one-day and two-day, CEO Couples Retreat. It is, likewise, highly suitable and adaptable for teams and team-building. In this highly engaging and participatory program, groups are guided through principles and processes to build and support a collective vision, goals, beliefs, attitudes, and actions that are solution-seeking and future-focused.

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